Definition of Reiki

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Reiki is a Buddhist practice that is approximately 2,500 years old. The name "Reiki" is derived from two Japanese words: rei meaning universal spirit and ki meaning life energy. Mention of Reiki can be found in the Tibetan sutras and in ancient records of cosmology and philosophy....

Reiki: 1. A subtle, nurturing therapy based on Eastern spiritual traditions in which the therapist’s hands are placed gently over the torso and head in an effort to reconnect the subject with and universal life energy hat practitioner call reiki energy. 2. A form of healing that was given to Dr. Usui, a Japanese businessperson, in a transcendental meditation, about 1920. Reiki healing energy is transmitted thru the healer to the client in a form of laying-on of hands.

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This section is designed as a jumping-off point. We've "spotlighted" just a few medical studies on reiki to introduce you to the nature and diversity of the research. Consider it a springboard to the RESEARCH area.



The heart of the portal. Search the Natural Standard, Cochrane and PubMed databases - and the search engine TRIP - for clinical studies about reiki's impact on numerous health issues.

Clinical Trials


Investigate the clinical trials currently underway for reiki. Where they're being conducted around the world - which health conditions are being studied - and how to get involved.