Ear Candling

Research Spotlight

The databases often return hundreds of medical studies for a single wellness approach. This section summarizes a sampling of five studies – providing just a taste of the available research. These Spotlights were not selected because they are the most favorable or the most recent, but to provide you an introduction to the more extensive research you'll uncover searching the four databases found in the “Research” section of this site.

  • A London hospital review concludes there is no evidence that ear candling is effective (for de-waxing, sinusitis, colds, flu, migraines, poor hearing, etc.) – and can actually cause serious damage. Access this research on Ear Candling
  • A review in Canadian Family Physician confirms ear candling’s mechanism of action remains unverified; no evidence exists that it’s effective for any condition; and it’s associated with considerable risk. Access this research on Ear Candling
  • A review in American Family Physician (of effective treatments for earwax impaction) concludes ear candling does not remove wax - and actually leads to complications like occlusion of the ears with candle wax, burns and tympanic membrane perforation. Access this research on Ear Candling
  • A UK “Clinical Knowledge Summary” finds ear candling should never be used, and cites a survey of 122 otolaryngologists identifying 21 injuries resulting from its usage. Access this research on Ear Candling