Ear Candling

Research Spotlight

The databases often return HUNDREDS of medical studies for a single therapy/approach. So this section "spotlights" just five - providing a taste of the research available. They were not selected because they are "best," but to provide an introduction to the more extensive research you'll uncover at the 4 databases.

  • A London hospital review concludes there is no evidence that ear candling is effective (for de-waxing, sinusitis, colds, flu, migraines, poor hearing, etc.) – and can actually cause serious damage. Access this research on Ear Candling
  • A review in Canadian Family Physician confirms ear candling’s mechanism of action remains unverified; no evidence exists that it’s effective for any condition; and it’s associated with considerable risk. Access this research on Ear Candling
  • A review in American Family Physician (of effective treatments for earwax impaction) concludes ear candling does not remove wax - and actually leads to complications like occlusion of the ears with candle wax, burns and tympanic membrane perforation. Access this research on Ear Candling
  • A UK “Clinical Knowledge Summary” finds ear candling should never be used, and cites a survey of 122 otolaryngologists identifying 21 injuries resulting from its usage. Access this research on Ear Candling