Color Therapy

Definition of Color Therapy

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Color therapy uses colors for their proposed healing abilities in treating emotional and physical disturbances. Changing the colors of clothes or home or office d├ęcor or visualizing different colors may be recommended. Color therapy is based on the premise that different colors evoke different responses in people. For example, some colors are considered to be stimulating, whereas others may be soothing. Some color therapists assert that they can read and alter the colors of people's auras. In traditional Ayurvedic medicine, different colors are associated with different chakras, or energy centers.

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This section is designed as a jumping-off point. We've "spotlighted" just a few medical studies on color therapy to introduce you to the nature and diversity of the research. Consider it a springboard to the RESEARCH area.



The heart of the portal. Search the Natural Standard, Cochrane and PubMed databases - and the search engine TRIP - for clinical studies about color therapy's impact on numerous health issues.

Clinical Trials


Investigate the clinical trials currently underway for color therapy. Where they're being conducted around the world - which health conditions are being studied - and how to get involved.

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